MJO Roofing, are proud to have been awarded a new contract to do a complete refurbishment, replacing historical tiling at the Brockenhurst College in Brockenhurst, Hampshire. With temperatures dropping under -2 in recent months, our team had quite the challenge to work through the dreaded winter cold.

Brockenhurst College, located in the New forest, began its existence 1908 and is the first choice sixth form for more than 2,700 school leavers across the region and 8,000 adult students each year. Before establishing itself as a college, Brockenhurst began its journey as a high school and then as a grammar school in the early 50s’. A few years later, it changed back into a high school and in the early 70s’ was reinstated as a college, and has been ever since.

Brockenhurst, understood that they needed a complete refurbishment due to the old tiles that had been there since the early part of a century, together with our team of experts we would transform the entire roof (take a look at the images below!). We have been on hand, staying close to the site in rented cottages, embracing the community and receiving a warm welcome from locals. 

The roof is a major factor when it comes to maintaining the historical integrity of an entire building and is a highly specialised job that requires the right knowledge and detail of the history. Over time, buildings age and deteriorate – that’s why it’s important to regularly inspect them. While the right materials are important, our team are fully aware of the different types of craft practices that were popular at the time the building was first constructed.

Therefore, materials that were used for most roofs more than a hundred years ago, may be difficult to find commercially today. Matching a rustic handmade shingle from the early 20th century can be a cause for concern when it comes to replacing older tiles.

However, our team have carried out several restoration projects on historical buildings, ensuring the roof is efficiently inspected, sourcing the best materials and ensuring the building is preserved to the best quality.

Whether you have a restoration project or want something new, make sure you are aware of the most common problems for roof repairs:

  • Poor or faulty installation
  • Leaks and moisture
  • Punctures
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Ventilation

Contact the expert team at MJO Roofing on 020 8953 2306 to find out more about our heritage work, or to discuss your roofing project requirements.

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